Erick Lee Pictures, Inc.

Erick Lee

I have nearly 15 years of professional experience producing, shooting, editing, conceptualizing and directing video.

Raised in Sacramento, California, my love for cinematography started at just the age of 17 as a skateboarder. My friends and I would shoot video of each other on our skateboards using a handy cam then used the footage to create VHS tapes. Little did I know those dear memories would foster in me a strong passion to pursue video production for the rest of my life.

As I entered my 20's, my shooting skills really began to develop. My classmates paid me to shoot their videos – everything from music videos to short documentaries. I then began to reach out for professional work. I have won various awards over the years, including Best Commercial in 2014 at the Next Talent Awards in Sacramento, Ca.

Today, I work as a Freelance Video Production Specialist shooting and directing short documentaries, promotional material, video projects for web, editing commercials for television, and more. I also produce quality still photography and hold FAA Part 107 Certification in aerial videography.


inBloom Films
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A full-service boutique production company. Watch the Demo Reel below.